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Our Subway hot lunch is back and will Start in October!

$6.00 for a 6" sub with cookie or 

$10.00 for a footlong and cookie

Options are: 

  • Cold Cut Trio
  • Pizza
  • Ham
  • Veggie

Our first Subway order is due online Oct 3rd at midnight!

Subway lunch will be Oct 10th 

All orders are due a week before our Subway day at school. There will be reminders sent out so no one misses out! 

Dates of Subway for this year are as follows:

SUBWAY DATES 2023/2024
Subway Live Date Subway Due Subway Comes in
Oct 1st Oct 3rd Oct 10th
Oct 25th Oct 31st November 7th
Nov 23rd Nov 28th December 5th
Dec 20th Jan 3rd January 9th
Jan 31st Feb 7th February 13th
Feb 29th Mar 6th March 12th
Mar 28th Apr 3rd April 9th
Mar 25th May 1st May 7th
May 23rd May 29th June 4th
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