About Us


Our Mission is to have students, parents and teachers working together in a caring environment. We will provide the opportunity for the student to develop high moral and academic standards, while developing a love for life long learning. It is important to recognize that students need to be socially, academically and technologically capable in today’s society in order to meet the needs and challenges of our changing world and we at Elnora School are prepared to make this commitment.

Principal: Larry Neville
Number of Students: 70
Grade Configuration: Kindergarten to Grade 8
Trustee: Colleen Butler

As we have students in the building with anaphylatic nut and peanut allergies, we ask parents for their cooperation and request you do not send products or foods what may containt nuts or peanuts in your child's lunch or snacks. The risk to our stuedents is critical, and therefore, we ask for all students to observe this precaution. Thank you for your cooperation in regards to this very important matter.